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4-yr-old boy falls into 400-foot deep well

The accident took place around 3:00pm when he along with other boys was playing in the area at the Railway Colony, sources said. Three firefighting units rushed to the spot immediately after the accident and are trying to rescue the boy.

Food and water have been sent to the boy and oxygen is being used at the well to keep him alive. The firefighters made several attempts to bring the boy out of the well using a rope but they were not successful. It could not be possible to send a rescuer inside the 14-inch diameter well which has a two-inch thick shaft inside.

Oracle Database administrator use initialization parameters

Many initialization parameters can be fine-tuned to improve Oracle database performance. Other parameters should never be altered or should be altered only under the supervision or Oracle Supper Services.

All initialization parameters are optional. Oracle has a default value for each parameter. This value may be operating system-dependent, depending on the parameter.

More details visit Oracle Database administrations can use initialization parameters to ...