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AFTER LOGON Trigger not perfectly working

AFTER LOGON not perfectly working.  I have tried it on single instance oracle 12c database it's perfectly work but it's not perfectly working on multi instance Oracle 12c database.

I have submitted this matter in oracle forum but not found any perfect answer.

Do you know why  it's not working ???
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Unsupported network datatype or representation

Check what version of the Oracle client are you using !!!
Any chance you're using an old version of the client that isn't aware of the TIMESTAMP data type !!!

Verify your database version  like as :

sql>select * from v$version;You wouldn't get an ORA-03115 if the version of the Oracle database didn't support timestamps. You would get an ORA-03115 if you were using an outdated version of the Oracle client when connecting to the 10.2 database. What version of the Oracle client are you using?

Oracle database parameter files

There are few defaults Database Parameter value created at time of database creation and above that we can change them according to our requirements.
Database parameters are environment variables for a database which can change database behavior according to value of the parameter.
These are input values which are taken at time of database startup and continue until changed.

ORA-01033 Oracle initialization or shutdown in progress

When you connect oracle 12c plug gable database, Thus time you have get oracle initialization or shutdown in progress error. This error occurred because pluggable database are not initialized.

To fix this error connect as sysdba and run  ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE ALL OPEN   command.


google html guide

HTML GUIDE PROVIDED BY GOOGLEOmit the protocol from embedded resourcesOmit the protocol portion (http:, https:) from URLs pointing to images and other media files, style sheets, and scripts
/* Not recommended */ .example { background: url(; }
/* Recommended */ .example { background: url(//; }Use only lowercase.