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Oracle forms 11g default configuration file formsweb.cfg

#formsweb.cfg defines parameter values used by the FormsServlet # formsweb.cfg defines parameter values used by the FormsServlet (frmservlet) # This section defines the Default settings. Any of them may be overridden in the # following Named Configuration sections. If they are not overridden, then the # values here will be used. # The default settings comprise two types of parameters: System parameters, # which cannot be overridden in the URL, and User Parameters, which can. # Parameters which are not marked as System parameters are User parameters. # SYSTEM PARAMETERS

Enable telnet in windows

Telnet is a text-based application for communicating with remote systems. Windows 7 doesn't include the Telnet client. You can enable it in windows 7 by following these steps:

Send free SMS to your friends using Gmail

Configuration to Send free SMS from Gmail. From Gmail, click on Settings, and go to the Labs tabScroll down until you see “Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat” and select EnableAlso enable the “SMS in Chat gadget” and then Save Changes  Note: You can send free texts to your friends in the US and many countries around the world