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Apple iPhone 6 Rumor. New Touch-On Display, New Colors, Different Screen Sizes !!!


Apple iPhone 6 Rumors Instant On Display

The Apple iPhone 6 might finally be the change in design and features Apple clients have been desire. According to new rumors, the device will modify its touch screen capabilities, offer new color options, and maybe arrive in two display sizes.
On Thursday, the reporting team at China Times alleged that Apple is investigating the use of “Touch on Display” panels from Influx. According to the report, the panels are just 0.5mm thick and offer superior sensitivity and optical performance compared to current iPhone 5 displays.
The report also suggests that Apple is altering to the new displays because of poor iPhone 5 display performance issues. While problems with iPhone 5 displays have been little and far between, the number of consumers reporting slow touch response times and interference problems have reportedly concerned Apple engineers.  The major complaint to date has been devices that will not register rapid diagonal swipes.
Apple is also rumored to be prepping various device colors including pink, yellow, blue, white and silver, and black and slate. Apple is no stranger to colored device options, already offering a similar slate of device for its iPod touch devices.
In another rumor, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White suggests that Apple may choose to release two display options that include the iPhone 4S friendly 3.5″ option and the larger 5″ display that is now available for iPhone 5 users.
The Apple iPhone 6 (possibly the iPhone 5S) is likely to be announced in June 2013. With Google Android Smartphone’s continuing to chip away at Apple iPhone market share, the actual release of the iPhone 6 could occur only a short time after the new device and iOS 7 are revealed.
What features does Apple need to release in order for you to get excited about June 2013?

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