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Error Initializing Opera: module 15

You should manually remove directories name as "Opera" from  %PROGRAMFILES% ,%APPDATA% and %USERPROFILE% .

RUN(Windows Logo Key + R)-> Enter '%PROGRAMFILES%' -> Then press OK Button.

Open a new window, There find Opera folder and delete it.

Another way:
IF it's install in C drive you can delete opera folder from below location :

c: \ Program Files \ Opera \
c: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Application Data \ Opera \
c: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Opera \

Any you getting any problem give a comments.

You can also see

Error Initializing opera: module 15 | Opera community

I want to give a thanks to jcunews for his suggestion.

-- Cheers.

Thanks to  all. Until now 2000+ more people get help for this topic .
Please share it. If you face any computer technological problem
Please share with me. I cordially try to give the solutions. 

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