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Friday, November 15, 2013

opera adblock in android device

A few months ago I bought a smartphone base on Android OS, Ice cream sandwich. Normally i used Firefox for browsing. I want to block ad when I browsing. So search the web and download a third party plugin and install but I observe it’s slow the system.

I am searching a better option. Finally I get one. So I share it with others.

I choose Opera to eliminating most of ads using simple method. Here is the process

  1. Download the file from file for block ad
  2. Rename it to urlfilter.ini
  3. If you downloaded this file to your computer or laptop then copy it to your android based smart phone.
  4. Put the file in what ever directory you want. (I put mine in a new folder titled configfiles.)
  5. Open Opera browser and  type: opera:config   on the address bar
  6. Press the Return (in case that was not obvious).
  7. In the Quick Find box, type filter on the QUICK FIND box
  8. Point the URL File Filter box to the location of your new urlfilter.ini and press the save.
  9. Finally restart the Opera browser
 Now enjoy ad-less browsing through Opera browser .
Cheers !!!